Market Statistics update: 13 TWh and rising

16 October 2018

Trade under the International REC Standard has grown significant during this last year.

2018 to the end of September saw almost 3 million I-RECs redeemed. This would have been largely 2017 vintage I-RECs.

As previously reported, 6.9 million I-RECs were issued for production year 2017 compared with the 2018 vintage which is currently over 2 million and 14% ahead of the equivalent position in 2017. China, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Vietnam are currently the leading countries by volume for 2018.

The number of registered devices has increased to 177 and this number is still rising. Morocco now has its first device registered and activity is increasing in India, China and Brazil. The level of participation is also increasing with over 50 account holders now.