Impacts of residual mix deadline on issuance finalized by I-REC Standard board

14 March 2016

During the I-REC Standard board meeting that took place on March 7 2016 the I-REC Standard has confirmed its position regarding issuance regulations of I-REC certificates for 2015 and 2016 vintages. 

The I-REC Standard board clarified its position regarding issuance restrictions for 2015 and 2016 electricity production. Issuance of 2015 production will take place according to existing 13-month issuance regulations as mentioned in clause 9.5 of the I-REC Standard Code.
For 2016 issuance the 13-month issuance regulations will be replaced with a single point of issuance restriction, the residual mix deadline. Following the residual mix deadline no I-REC certificates will be issued for the previous year’s electricity production. The first residual mix deadline will be implemented on March 15 2017.  
The I-REC Standard code manager has been tasked with implementing these changes into the code. 
For more information about these changes please contact the secretariat at