I-REC Standard initiates Chinese National Team to evaluate coming legislation

13 February 2017

In order to ensure reliable, robust and transparent attribute tracking systems in China the I-REC Standard has launched the Chinese National Team. 

This team is tasked with discussing and organizing documentation to ensure there is a consumer-driven attribute tracking system in China – whether adherent to I-REC Standard best practices or not.

China has recently announced the development of a national Green Certificate Scheme. Details of the scheme, as written in legislation, can be seen here (note: unofficially translated documents). It is the goal of the Chinese National Team to ensure the long-term stability of attribute markets in China and to ensure that there is no double attribute or certificate counting between potential markets.

One of the main pillars of the I-REC Standard is working with local stakeholders, in order to develop reliable and robust tracking systems for renewable energy. The Chinese National Team would be the first I-REC Standard national team and is likely to become a model for future cooperation in countries/regions around the world. If you are interested in participating in the team please contact the secretariat at secretariat@irecstandard.org