Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence working on allowing certificate issuance in Morocco

14 May 2018

Harmonized tracking systems are increasingly being implemented around the world. Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) is the legally authorized issuer for the I-REC Standard in the United Arab Emirates (see here). In an effort to expand the support of attribute tracking systems across the Arab world DCCE is cooperating with local electricity producers in Morocco to ensure broader consumer engagement in countries where cost-efficient renewables production is already a reality today. 

As the market for renewable electricity sources in Morocco is rapidly developing due to cost competitiveness, the implementation of a reliable tracking mechanism is an  important step in these developments.

By allowing consumers to purchase the electricity product of their choice DCCE is supporting the development and deployment of renewables in the region, lowering the risk for future developers and ensuring consumers frequently become responsible for pushing this fossil-fuel dominated region to one of solar and wind generation.

DCCE will be authorized as local issuer in Morocco in May 2018. For more information on the process and timeline please contact the secretariat at A list of all authorized issuers per country can be seen here.