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Participant contact list

The I-REC Standard allows market players, individuals or organisations the opportunity to open trade and redemption accounts on the I-REC Standard registry in order to receive, purchase, trade and redeem I-REC certificates for themselves or their clients. Organizations with these accounts are referred to as participants. This document contains a list of participants that have authorized the I-REC Standard secretariat to publically disclose their contact information and contact persons.


Category: Public market information

Authorized issuance countries

The I-REC Standard is responsible for authorizing issuers to implement an operational attribute tracking system which, based on the I-REC Code rules and regulations, can be made available in countries or regions that do not already have a reliable and transparent electricity tracking system. In such regions, implementation on a voluntary basis is possible, however the I-REC Standard organization requires that implementation be done in combination with national regulatory or policy making authorities where possible.


Category: Public market information